Traveling? This Drawstring Backpack Is ‘Theft-Proof’

An unassuming bag made for travel, this pack has special fabric and cable straps to withstand slashing, cutting, and thieves looking to grab-and-go with your goods.


The appropriately named Flak Sack is woven with Cut-Tex Pro fabric, lauded as the “most cut-resistant fabric in the world.” It is five times more cut- and slash-resistant than Kevlar, the company touts.

You can lock it to a pole or seat. An included brass combination lock clasps through a grommet attached to the bag, closing a loop via a steel o-ring on the end of a nylon strap.

The straps? They are woven with thin stainless-steel cable to prevent cutting and would-be thieves snooping into your goods.

flak sack1

Theft-Proof Travel Bag

The simple, one-compartment sack/bag looks difficult to steal or tear open. But don’t expect much comfort toting your goods, as the bag has no support and thin straps.

There is a waterproof interior zip pocket, however, which is made for electronics and is big enough to fit an iPad Mini. It also blocks RFID radio transmissions, protecting passports and credit cards from electronic pick pocketing.

Slasher! Grey undershirt made of same Cut-Tex Pro material as the Flak Sack

Snaps and a drawstring arrangement seal up the main compartment. Glow-in-the-dark thread stitched around leather components helps you see the bag at night.

The Flak Sack won’t solve all your pack needs, it’s small – 18 inches by 14 inches – and is suitable mainly as a beach bag or carry-on.


It’s also not the cheapest drawstring bag out there – not by a long shot. While the appeal of most drawstring bags is that they’re free or inexpensive, usually under $10, the Flak Pack commands an astounding $229 price tag.

That said, Loctote Industrial Bag Co. is well past its Kickstarter goal, making it a good fit for some.

For the money, you get a simple, easy-to-use bag that’s as theft- and everything-proof as anything we’ve seen. For the price of one stolen phone or the hassle of a swiped passport this bag would pay for itself a few times over.

Adam Ruggiero

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