Patagonia Provisions new marketplace pantry
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Shop Patagonia’s New ‘Marketplace’ at Home for Food and Supplies

You can now shop responsibly produced items beyond just Patagonia Provisions’ label, including everything from baby food and coffee to paring knives and tumblers.

It’s not just wild-caught salmon and ancient-grain beer at Patagonia Provisions anymore. An offshoot of the outdoor gear giant, Patagonia Provisions has aimed to do for the kitchen pantry what Patagonia did for your gear closet — with the same eye toward stewardship and sustainability.

But today, the brand announced an all-new marketplace with a variety of wares from other companies. Now, a quick perusal of the Provisions online shop reveals products like Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil, Miir food canisters, Ampersand Roasters organic coffee, and more.

According to Patagonia Provisions, the decision to expand its offerings marked an effort to support “frontline workers maintaining our global food supply chain.”

“It is the farm workers who are planting, harvesting and delivering our food supply at great personal risk,” the brand said in a press release. “This crisis has the potential to be the final straw for small-scale farms and operations across the country.”

Although the virtual aisles now span a wide variety of brands and products, Patagonia Provisions promised it would source all additional items from farmers and suppliers that committed to regenerative organic practices. It will also continue to prioritize small regional farms, ranches, and fishing networks.

Check out the new Patagonia Provisions marketplace — live now — here.

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