POC Cornea Goggles

In an attempt to increase field of view — thus making skiing and riding safer — POC created its Cornea goggles. By attaching the lens to the outside of the goggles, the company touts the elimination of the lens-covering plastic that traditionally keeps a goggle held together. Better vision is the result.

Lenses are held in place on two sides. You can switch out lenses and adjust the goggle to fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes, the company says.

POC Cornea goggle

Bonus: To reduce fogging, the goggles have a polycarbonate outer lens and a symmetrical cellulose propionate (aka: a plastic commonly used in goggle and eyeglass lenses) material that runs parallel to it.

The POC Cornea goggles are available for $150. www.pocsports.com

—Ryan Dionne

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