Podcast: Brett Favre Is No Stranger to Pain

Brett Favre Is No Stranger to Pain
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Brett Favre Is No Stranger to Pain

You know him as an all-star professional football quarterback. But Brett Favre is also an avid hunter, fisherman, and, now, the poster child for the value of pain relief.

If you think getting hit by a 300-pound defensive lineman sounds painful, imagine if you were also a grandpa! As it happens, Brett Favre is one of the few people on Earth who doesn’t have to imagine it. He lived it!

Nowadays, Favre opts for fewer hits and more fun in his home state of Mississippi. And in his NFL retirement, he’s able to pursue his outdoor passions — hunting, fishing, even the occasional bike ride — thanks in large part to CBD.

That’s right, Green Bay’s gunslinger QB now evangelizes the benefits of Green Eagle CBD. And while he had plenty to say on keeping active during the pandemic and finding new joy in a life without pain — or prescription painkillers — Favre took time to tackle some very serious issues.

Namely, concussions and the dangers they pose to him and everyone else. But, as Favre hinted, there may be some exciting developments on the horizon.

Recorded August 24, 2020



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