Podcast: Black Folks Camp Too: Earl B. Hunter Jr.

Black Folks Camp Too: Earl B. Hunter Jr.
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Black Folks Camp Too: Earl B. Hunter Jr.

Earl B. Hunter Jr. is the founder of Black Folks Camp Too. His business focuses on raising the visibility and viability of underrepresented communities in the outdoors as well as helping brands understand what they’re doing right and how they can better connect with those communities.

Why haven’t you seen more Black folks and people of color camping? Are brands doing enough to welcome all people — race, color, class — outdoors? There are complex answers and there are straight answers. Earl B. Hunter Jr. has straight answers.

In addition to starting Black Folks Camp Too, Hunter created the Unity Blaze, a physical icon dedicated to making everyone feel more welcome and less alone outdoors.

And while conversations around race and class seem to be happening, they often take place in highly controlled environments, riddled with buzzwords and politically correct clichés. Hunter’s approach is different. He believes straight, honest dialogue is the best way to reach the most people and create the most action.

Understanding race, business, and human relations is complicated. But Hunter’s take on these topics will save you a lot of B.S. and help grow your understanding of what’s going on.

Recorded November 11, 2021



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