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Podcast: Kyra Condie: American Climbing Olympian

Kyra Condie podcast
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Kyra Condie: American Climbing Olympian

To bounce back from major back surgery and become an accomplished climber would be a massive achievement for anyone. But to turn it into an Olympic career? That’s legendary.

Americans and the world were treated to history’s first-ever Olympic climbing competition this year.

And among the sport’s first athletes was Kyra Condie — one of just four climbers on the U.S.’s pioneer team. Unfortunately, these Olympics were remarkable for more than just climbing’s debut.

Condie weighs in on not only being one of America’s first climbing Olympians, but also one of the very few who’ve competed in the devastating wake of a global pandemic (harkening back to the 1920 games and the Spanish flu).

But Condie’s story is harrowing — and she has plenty to discuss on how climbing was received and how it may change in Olympics to come.

Recorded September 22, 2021



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