Podcast: Laura Borichevsky: ‘Sex Outside’ Host, Creator, and Advocate

Laura Borichevsky: 'Sex Outside' Host, Creator, and Advocate
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Laura Borichevsky: ‘Sex Outside’ Host, Creator, and Advocate

SEX! Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about SEX!

Spending time outdoors is a common prescription to reconnect, destress, and add a little animal to your routine. So it’s no surprise time outside can also provide the perfect backdrop for sex — connection, excitement, and primal nature.

But like the outdoors, conversations about sex are both complex and nuanced. It’s more than an act; sex can comprise identity, trauma, uncertainty, and community.

On the “Sex Outside” podcast Laura Borichevsky tackles sex in all its messy, beautiful, complicated forms — and she does it through the lens of the outdoors. It’s both serious and fun, provocative and matter-of-fact.

And wouldn’t ya know it, there’s even gear to go with it! Take a peek at everything “Sex Outside” has in store and how a GearJunkie fits into the conversation.

Recorded February 18, 2021

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