Awesome Maps Climbing Areas

The World’s Favorite Climbing Areas In One Map

From Red River Gorge in Kentucky to Fontainebleau in France and everything in between, Awesome Maps depicts famous climbing areas across the world in poster form.

Awesome Maps Climbing Areas

Keep track of where you’ve climbed and dream of new destinations with the latest series from Awesome Maps.

A maker of activity-inspired maps, Awesome Maps releases a beautiful, useful print for the climber. The hand-illustrated map lists climbing areas, specific crags, and how many routes there are at destinations around the world.

As a bonus, Awesome Maps offered GearJunkie readers 10% off any purchase. Just use the code GEARJUNKIE at checkout.

Awesome Maps Climbing Areas

The maps come on whiteboard for $39 at 38″x22″, or canvas for $139 at 59″x35″, or a travel towel for $69. With the whiteboard edition, the coating lets you write over the map, so you can plot upcoming trips, keep track of where you’ve climbed, or simply add in some reflections of your last climbing trip.

Awesome Maps Climbing Areas

Awesome Climbing Map

Within each country are iconic climbers and climbing spots. Awesome Maps claims more than 300 climbing areas and crags are accounted for in total, with info on height and difficulty for each spot.

Awesome Maps Climbing Areas

Awesome Maps also creates maps for surfers, divers, bucket list enthusiasts, and skiers. Those in need of some wanderlust in your living room, check out one of these slick posters.

Awesome Maps Climbing Areas

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