Ruff Wear Climate Changer

When a dog’s coat isn’t cutting it, give it a sweater… er… fleece. The Ruff Wear Climate Changer is a Polartec Classic 200 recycled fleece great for wussy dogs in cold conditions (or even tough dogs in super cold conditions). The fleece, which covers part of your pooch’s front legs as well as most of its body and its entire neck and chest, breathes, dries quickly and is machine washable.

Ruff Wear Climate Changer

The extra layer fit great on a Gear Junkie test dog, and it contains 87 percent recycled content, so even your dog can tout the “green” label. The fleece would be great for dogs that love to be outside no matter the conditions, but don’t have the natural coat to keep warm.

Climate Changer in action

While I’m not a fan of pet clothes, if it’ll keep your dog outside longer having fun, I’m all for it. Available in October, the Climate Changer, which comes in sizes from extra, extra small to extra large, will retail for $60.

—Ryan Dionne

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