Meet Sherp, Russia’s Crazy New ATV

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Part ATV, part duck boat, and part skid loader (just look how it steers), the Sherp is one crazy ATV and we really want a turn behind the fold-up window. It will be introduced at the 39th International Russian Hunting And Fishing Expo later this month.

Sherp ATV 1

It sells for a starting price of about 3.85 million rubles. U.S. consumers (who can figure out how to get one home) can take heart in the strong dollar. The brand notes it goes for about $100,000 U.S., and we’re not sure if that includes shipping.

For that, you get a vehicle that floats, can climb over 27″ obstacles, and spins on a dime thanks to what appears to be four-wheel steering (each wheel controlled separately, thus, steering is accomplished by wheels spinning like a skid loader).

Sherp 2

It’s not very fast, with a crazy short wheelbase and a 44.3 horsepower diesel engine topping out at about 27 miles per hour. But it does look like it can go just about anywhere.

For more information, check out the Sherp online. The company notes that it plans to expand into the international market soon, so for those looking for an ATV that can get over any barrier or ford any lake, keep your eyes open for the Sherp making landfall in the U.S. soon.