Mickey Wilson slackline wedding

Epic Wedding: Ski Lift Slackline Hero Gets Married

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A pro slackliner who shimmied atop a ski-lift cable to rescue a hanging man in Arapaho Basin last winter got married in a similarly suspenseful, and spectacular, way.

Mickey Wilson slackline wedding
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A sacred moment took place hundreds of feet above a Utah canyon floor. Mickey Wilson and Purple McMullen-Laird were getting married, and could only reach each other by crossing a thin band of webbing.

Mickey and Purple constructed the slackline-net themselves, positioned in the Fruit Bowl, just outside of Canyonlands, Utah. The marriage officiant performed the ceremony with the couple in the suspended net.

Mickey Wilson slackline wedding
Nick Davis Photography

Wilson came into the limelight last winter, because of a crazy rescue at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort in Colorado. Wilson was on hand when a skier on the chair lift slipped off and dangled by his backpack. The skier lost consciousness as he hung about 10 feet off the ground.

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In a dazzling display of balance and courage, Wilson climbed on the lift cable. He shimmied to the skier in need and cut him free. The skier survived.

The adventurous couple’s wedding sought to flip marriage culture on its head. The concept resulted in a wedding fueled by their passions and not money.

Mickey Wilson slackline wedding
Nick Davis Photography

Slackline Wedding: Extreme Love

After the marriage-officiant, who also slacklined to the net, completed his task, the newly-weds jumped through a hole in the net while fixed to a giant, 200-foot rope swing.

The couple is now off to Hawaii, on an all-expenses paid honeymoon gifted by Ellen Degeneres. Wilson hopes their wedding inspires others to be creative and have fun with their weddings.

Mickey Wilson slackline wedding
Nick Davis Photography
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