Highline Highlights: Watch World’s Best Highliners Go HAM in Championships

A lot of us already thought highlining was pretty impressive. Well, check out what the 31 best ‘speed’ and ‘freestyle’ athletes in the biz can do.

Laax, Switzerland: the site of the first-ever highlining World Championships.

The high-flying competition took place at the GALAAXY hostel on the summit of Crap Sogn Gion, which is “legendary,” if for no other reason than its name and location.

But the vivid scenery paled in comparison to the aerial display that the best highliners in the world rendered high above the Swiss countryside.

Louise Lenoble (FRA) took the Women’s Freestyle title, while Davis Hermes (USA) won the Men’s Freestyle. France’s Benoît Brume took the crown as the Speed king.

Check out the highlights here.

Runtime: 1 minute

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