Slacklining Over A Waterfall… On A Volcano

Red Bull sponsored slackliner Alex Mason defies gravity, and reason, with dare devil flips 65 feet in the air along a “slackladder” over Hawaii’s Onomea Falls.

With the help of the “godfather of slacklining” Andy Lewis, 19-year-old Mason set up a 1,000-foot-long grid of slackline switchbacks to ascend 120 vertical feet. The whole rig used 400 pounds of line and took 200 hours to construct.

onomea falls slackline alex mason

Most of us are happy to make it safely across a slackline between two trees in the backyard, but Mason stopped along his half-hour ascent to throw in acrobatic somersaults and trampoline-like flips over a shallow, rocky stream rushing down from the Mauna Kea volcano.

Kids these days… Love it!