spt2 fitness tracker man bra

Next-Gen Fitness Tracking Wearable Is a … Man Bra?

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Distance, max speed, workload – the SPT2 fitness wearable provides athletes and coaches deeper levels of performance analysis. If you can get over the way it looks.

spt2 fitness tracker man bra

Early heart rate monitors consisted of a chest band connected to a watch or other computing device. Fitness wearables slimmed down to simple bracelets, watches, and shoe inserts.

But the latest in performance-tracking tech looks an awful lot like a … well, you know.

spt2 fitness tracker man bra

Hitting the public stage at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the SPT2 is a smartphone-size tracker that fits in a nylon and Elastane undergarment top – for men and women. You can think of it as an over-the-shoulder stat-decoder.

The garment uses a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer to track stats. But SPT’s real performance tracking comes in its cloud-based app. Here coaches can aggregate both team and individual metrics, including speed, intensity, distance – even impact measurements.

SPT2 Fitness Tracker

First off, yes this is for women and men. And to reinforce this point, the brand – Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) – displays mostly men using it on its site and social media.

spt2 fitness tracker man bra

It comes in unisex sizing from small to extra large that fits chests ranging from 32 to 42 inches.

spt2 fitness tracker man braThe wearable, dubbed SPT2, is a training tool to help athletes, and coaches/trainers, understand their performance limits and strengths.

And of course, the tech is packed into a sweat-proof and waterproof undergarment that looks part sports bra, part … well, just sports bra.

The SPT2 will demo at CES next week, but it’s available now for $249.

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