ROKA’s Oslo Sunglasses

ROKA Oslo Sunglasses Review: Versatile, Customizable, and a Perfect Fit for Me

I’ve never been a huge fan of sunglasses. They’re constantly threatening to slide off my face, and they limit my visibility. But as someone who spends a lot of time in the sun, I knew it was important to find a pair of shades to protect my eyes.

In addition to sun protection, I was seeking a pair of sunglasses that could keep up with my active lifestyle. After doing some research, I stumbled upon ROKA and decided to give them a go.

In short: ROKA has dozens of sunglass styles, but I settled on the Oslo. Here, I’ll review those shades, the features of the brand overall, and the best part  — all the customization options, from prescription lenses and beyond. Here’s how the ROKA Oslo made my list, and why it should make yours.

ROKA’s Oslo Sunglasses Review

Selecting Your Shades

ROKA’s Oslo Sunglasses Review

Like many companies, ROKA offers the option to simply order your sunglasses online and have them delivered to your home. But something that makes them unique is that they offer an at-home tryout.

Through the program, you hop online and select four pairs of glasses that you like. When they show up at your house, you can test them out, get feedback from your friends, or even do an online consultation with one of ROKA’s experienced technicians.

If none of the pairs you selected fit the bill, you can ship them back and start the process anew. If you do find one you like, you simply ship back the glasses with the prepaid label and they’ll send over your glasses with the lenses of your choice.

After selecting four pairs of glasses via the at-home trial and consulting with one of ROKA’s team members, I landed on a pair of glasses that seemed to fit my needs to a tee: the Oslo Prescription Sunglasses.

Customization Options

The Oslo isn’t a one-size-fits-all pair of shades — and I mean that in the best way. When you order your glasses, there are lots of different options, so you can customize your glasses so that they look and feel the way you want them to.

First, you have the option of regular or prescription glasses. Next, you get to choose between regular and small frames. After that, you have color options for the frames and four color choices for the lenses, as well as a choice between polycarbonate and Trivex lenses.

I opted for prescription glasses with small, matte ember frames and bronze ember Trivex frames.

Testing the ROKA Oslo

Oslo Prescription Sunglasses

As soon as I placed the Oslos on my face, I was shocked by how lightweight and comfortable they are. The small frames fit perfectly to my face and the ultra-lightweight TR 90 nylon made it almost feel as if I were wearing nothing.

Although the Oslos don’t look like sports shades, they perform like a high-end pair of athletic sunglasses. (Same reason we love the ROKA aviator styles!)

With a “Geko” patented fit and retention system, the glasses include a proprietary elastomer for nose and temple pads that’s hydrophilic, chemical resistant, and supports multidirectional traction. The result is a comfortable pair of sunglasses that stay securely in place, regardless of how sweaty you are or what activity you’re doing.


Since owning my Oslo sunglasses, I’ve put them through the wringer. I’ve worn them standup paddling, playing volleyball, hiking, and running, and they’ve even accompanied me on a trip to Fiji. I love how lightweight and comfortable they are, and I appreciate that they come in a small, hard storage case (because I am not gentle on my glasses). All in all, these glasses are expensive, but what you are getting are shades that fit and perform super well.

The at-home trial program was an easy way to find the perfect pair of glasses, and I liked that I could test them out ahead of time and get feedback from friends before committing to a pair.

Although the Oslos don’t come cheap, it’s an investment that was well worthwhile because I know that they’ll be on my face for years of adventures to come.

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Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca was born and raised in Orange County, and she has spent countless hours exploring the California coastline. She loves surfing and standup paddling and recently relocated to Oahu, Hawaii to chase her childhood dream of being a professional beach bum. When she’s not in the ocean, you can find her running the local trails or sleeping under the stars alongside her adventure pup, Koa.