New Pro Trek Smartwatch Hones in on Function

Navigation and smartwatch technology now come together in function and style.

Whether you’re following a familiar footpath or wanting to test out the road less traveled, Casio’s new Pro Trek smartwatch has the capabilities to keep you moving forward.

With increased size and capability, the Pro Trek WSD-F21HR unites mapping, display, and other features to create a watch that doubles as your activity center. Read on to learn more about its range of functions and personality.



The WSD-F21HR has high-definition maps in full color and a current-location display, so you always know where you are. With the built-in GPS, you can import routes from your history or snag some recommended ones from ViewRanger using Google Drive in either KML or GPX format.

You can contribute to the pool of paths by creating your routes with markers and checkpoints, and then sharing them.



The WSD-F21HR is the first model to measure your heart rate in real time. Using an optical sensor that shines an LED to detect blood flow, the device collects and analyzes a wide range of data. The watch then graphically displays the information, allowing you to engage in more targeted training improvements.

The Pro Trek watch automatically backs up your stats to Google Drive and then manages your activity in Google Calendar to provide useful daily information.



What’s the use of having maps if you can’t see them? The WSD-F21HR has a large 1.32-inch, dual-layer touch display. You can switch between a 320 x 300-pixel monochrome or high-definition color LCD, putting readability and power consumption in your control.



Running around the lake, a marathon, or a trail, Casio has two new apps that link GPS, sensors, and data to provide comprehensive support for either running or trail running, and they’re only available on the WSD-F21HR. Each app allows you to customize the interface, so you get to prioritize what app functions you want to be displayed.

From altimeter to time or pace to energy consumption, the data you want is easily accessible. There are nearly 30 measurement functions. These apps add to a suite of seven original apps that track activities from trekking to skiing and snowboarding.



You don’t want your watch slipping or sticking when you sweat. The Pro Trek straps down with a soft urethane that is durable and flexible. With numerous band holes, you can precisely adjust the fit and increase the band’s breathability. So you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for purpose.


From listening to music to receiving notifications of when to drink more water, the new Pro Trek Smart WSD-F21HR marries the smartwatch lifestyle you depend on each day with expansive capabilities to meet your trail and training needs. Wherever your adventure takes you, the Pro Trek will make sure you know where you are and where you’re going.

This article is sponsored by Casio. You can learn more about the Pro Trek line and the WSD-F21HR smartwatch here.