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COROS Rolls Out CORE Body Temperature Integration in Its GPS Watches

CORE body temperature sensorCORE body temperature sensors will now integrate with all COROS GPS watch models; (photo/COROS)
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In this year’s first wave of updates, the brand has released seven enhancements to its existing line of GPS watches.

Most of the new updates from COROS will improve on rudimentary features. But its introduction of CORE body temperature integration is a first for the fitness watch segment and could put the fledgling brand on more wrists.

COROS GPS Watch Enhancements

The following updates are available to COROS users as of Jan. 20.  Though some are limited to specific watch models, others — including CORE sensor integration — are compatible with all current COROS GPS watches.

CORE Body Temperature Integration

CORE body temperature sensors can now link to any COROS watch via Bluetooth. Once linked, the CORE sensor will relay core body temperature readings directly to the watch. Live temperature info will be available at a glance, and core temperature data will now show up in the watches’ activity summaries.

CORE sensors allow users to find the optimal body temperature and heat training regimens to attain their athletic objectives. The brand provides a comprehensive guide to heat training and recovery with the CORE temperature sensors.

All current COROS models are compatible with CORE temperature sensors through the Jan. 20 firmware update.

COROS GPS watch and CORE body temperature integration

Adjusted Pace

Another major update to COROS watches is the Adjusted Pace feature, which provides metrics on exertion relative to each user. Adjusted Pace is suited to runners who train on hilly terrain, and it can also provide key insights for conditioning and race strategy. The option is available for APEX Pro, APEX 42, APEX 46, Vertix 1, and Vertix 2 watches.

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Virtual Run

COROS’s new Virtual Run options enable users to evaluate indoor running metrics like cadence, heart rate, and pace. Through Virtual Run, users can pair their COROS GPS watch to third-party software like Zwift.

Virtual Run is available for APEX Pro, Vertix 1, and Vertix 2 watches.

coros vertix 2

Updates to Existing Features

COROS’ firmware release also builds upon current features like workout creation (add or edit every step in your workout), GoPro connectivity (automatically reconnect after powering down), thermometer data (know your ambient pool or open-water temps), and maps (3D overlay for elevation info at a glance).

Learn more about COROS’ latest suite of performance enhancers at coros.com.

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