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Camera Brings ‘Clone’ To War Of POV’s

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As if there are not enough camera companies looking to dethrone GoPro’s reign of the POV-cam market, UK based Drift Innovation has released their latest contender, the Ghost S – a product similar in pricing and features to the Hero 3+. With features like Clone Mode, aimed specifically at prosumers, and at the familiar price of $399, it will be interesting to see whether the Ghost S can be more pro than GoPro.

Clone Mode
Clone mode essentially syncs multiple cameras via wifi so they can be controlled by one remote. Professionals who capture the same instance from multiple angles will especially enjoy this since it’s designed to reduce the hassle of adjusting multiple cameras.

“If you’re using 4-5 cameras, it’s tedious to adjust each camera. And on the production floor time is money,” said Drew Henson, Drift Innovation’s senior product designer. Thanks to the Two Way Remote that can control all cameras, videos start and stop at the same time, eliminating the need to sync shots during the editing process.

Two Way Remote
The two way remote lets the user know that he/she successfully changed a setting with a set of colored lights. For the average user, it eliminates the “hey dude, is my camera on?” problem. For the advanced videographer it assures that all cameras are rolling as well as allowing a quick switch between modes such as video to time-lapse and back.

Drift Ghost-S

Other features
Video tagging (when turned on) allows users to conserve memory by continuously overwriting previous footage until a piece of footage is “tagged,” or in essence, “saved” (like you’d save a Word Document).

It’s Waterproof to 9 feet, shoots 1080p at 60 fps and films 3.5 hours on a charge. It has an internal mic and external mic/HDMI inputs.

Final Word
The Ghost S comes out of the box with pretty much everything needed to shoot. For the action video producer who needs to sync multiple cameras, this seems to be the best solution we’ve seen so far. For folks looking to give an “alternative” gift, get your order on driftinnovation.com by December 11 to ensure delivery before Christmas.

—Yoon Kim

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