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Perfect Portable Power Station: EcoFlow River 2 Pro Review

Simply put, the EcoFlow River 2 Pro is the best portable power station for most people.

EcoFlow River 2 Pro(Photo/Kraig Becker)
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Lightweight, compact, and affordable, the EcoFlow River 2 Pro takes everything that made the original River power station popular and improves on it.

The second-generation model features a new compact design, a bigger battery, and fast-charging capabilities. It also offers more power output and plenty of plugs and ports, all at a surprisingly affordable price tag. Taken together, this makes the River 2 Pro the best portable power solution for most people.

In short: EcoFlow’s River 2 Pro is the perfect example of how to update an already-fantastic product. The company took everything it learned from making the original River power station and created a refined model that delivers better battery capacity, more power output, and faster charging. The latest edition to the River line is small and lightweight yet still rugged, making it the perfect companion for car camping, backyard gatherings, and van lifers. Best of all, it has an affordable price tag that won’t empty your bank account.

EcoFlow River 2 Pro


  • Watt Hours 768
  • Output 800 W (1600 W surge)
  • Battery Composition LiFePO4
  • Max Solar/AC Input 220 W/940 W
  • Ports 4 AC, 1 car, 1 USB-C PD, 3 USB-A
  • Dimensions 10.63” x 10.24” x 8.9”
  • Weight 17 lbs., 3.2 oz.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Fast charges from 0-100% in about an hour
  • Excellent battery capacity and power output for its size
  • Outstanding price


  • Fan is noisy while recharging
  • Could use more USB-C ports
  • Basic digital display

EcoFlow River 2 Pro Review

Ecoflow RIVER 2 Pro Stattion
(Photo/Kraig Becker)

If you’ve been struggling to find the right portable power station to meet your needs, I’m here to help. After putting the new EcoFlow River 2 Pro through its paces, I can confidently say that for the vast majority of people, it is the best model currently available.

That isn’t to say that it meets the needs of everyone, but unless you require a large battery capacity or a high amount of power output, this unit delivers a near-perfect blend of performance and portability. 

Compact, Lightweight 

The EcoFlow River 2 Pro stands in stark contrast to most of the power stations I’ve reviewed recently. While the Zendure SuperBase V and the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro impressed me with their battery capacity and output, their size and price points limits their usefulness to most people.

That isn’t the case with the River 2 Pro, which tips the scales at 17.2 pounds and measures just 10.6″ x 10.2″ x 8.9″ in size. With those dimensions, the device remains highly portable, something that some manufacturers seem to have forgotten as they race to make ever-larger models. 

The power station’s portability is further enhanced thanks to its redesigned handle. While previous generations of the River had a rigid handle on top, EcoFlow has now molded it into the casing and moved it to the back of the unit.

This still allows users to easily carry it wherever they go, but with the added benefit of making the River 2 Pro more stackable and easy to store.

Power and Ports

Ecoflow RIVER 2 Pro
(Photo/Kraig Becker)

A big part of what makes the River 2 Pro so good is the balance it strikes between size, performance, and functionality. To keep the unit as compact as possible, EcoFlow gave it a 768Wh battery, which is smaller than those found in many other power stations.

But keep in mind, that is still enough power to recharge a smartphone 30+ times, a laptop up to five times, or power a lamp for 30 hours. In other words, it is enough capacity for use on weekend camping trips, in the backyard, at a remote office, or in short-term emergency situations. 

But battery capacity isn’t the only measure of a power station’s usefulness. The other number to keep in mind is power output, which is measured in sustained watts. Despite its small size, the River 2 Pro produces 800W of power and can handle a surge of up to 1,600W. That’s enough juice to run 80% of household appliances, including a mini-fridge, an LCD TV, a fan, or a Wi-Fi router.

One of the most impressive things about the River 2 Pro’s design is how many charging ports EcoFlow managed to squeeze into its form factor. The unit comes with four full-size 120V AC outlets, along with a 12V DC vehicle charging port and two 12V “barrel-style” ports. It also has three 2.4-amp USB-A ports and a single bi-directional 100W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) port.

I would have liked to have seen another USB-C port or two; otherwise, it is hard to find fault with this versatile line-up. In theory, it is possible to charge up to 11 devices at once, which should be sufficient to meet the needs of most users. 

Keep the River Flowing

When it comes to recharging the River 2 Pro itself, the power station is also surprisingly versatile. It plugs into a wall outlet at home, a 12V DC port in a vehicle, or a solar panel while in the field.

It can even accept a charge from its bidirectional USB-C port in a pinch, although that method is somewhat slower than the other options. 

Ecoflow RIVER 2 Pro Stattion
(Photo/Kraig Becker)

By far, the fastest way to recharge the onboard battery is by plugging the River 2 Pro into the wall. During testing, I was able to take the unit from no charge to 100% power in a little over an hour. Those impressively quick numbers are due in part to the unit’s relatively small battery, but EcoFlow also equipped it with fast-charging technology that provides a significant boost.

The result is a power station that is replenished and ready for use in the time it takes to make and eat lunch. 

The downside of this rapid charging process is that the River 2 Pro’s internal fan can get very noisy at times. EcoFlow packed a lot of technology into a small space, and during the charging process, it undoubtedly gets warm inside. The fan circulates air to help dissipate heat, but in doing so, the power station gets quite loud. Fortunately, it usually doesn’t have to run for long, but it can be distracting. 

Charging via solar is also quick and efficient. The power station has a max input from a solar panel of 220W, which is a reasonable capacity for a unit of this size.

While testing, I hooked it up to a 200W panel, and on a bright sunny day, the battery went from empty to full in about 5 hours. As always, that number can vary due to cloud cover, shade and shadows, and the movement of the sun.

Unexpected Features

ECOFLOW Portable Power Station RIVER 2 Pro
(Photo/Kraig Becker)

The River 2 Pro may not be one of EcoFlow’s flagship models, but it still has some features that you might only expect on higher-end units. For instance, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to monitor and interact with the device remotely using a smartphone app. This is common on larger, much more expensive power stations, but I was happy to see it included here as well. 

Another surprising feature is the ability of the River 2 Pro to serve as an uninterruptible emergency power supply. That means the unit can sense a power outage and automatically take over as an energy source for essential appliances or devices, like a computer, sump pump, or heat lamp. Again, this is something that is common on larger, pricier models that is also nice to have on this unit. 

While the River 2 Pro offers top-notch performance and plenty of features, its onboard LCD screen is about as basic as they come. The display provides information like the current charge level and how much power is flowing in and out.

It is bright and easy to read, but lacks color or character, making it the most mundane aspect of the entire product. 

Power to the People

I started this review by saying the River 2 Pro is the best option for most people who need power on the go.

That’s because the majority of us have simple needs when it comes to a power station. Generally, we don’t need a unit that can recharge a fleet of drones, keep a comms station running in a remote area, or serve as a backup energy system for our home.

(Photo/Kraig Becker)

Instead, we just want to recharge our mobile devices at the campsite, keep the music flowing in the backyard, and power a TV and a few small appliances while tailgating. Occasionally, we may need to use it during brief power outages at home or on other adventures that take us off the grid. 

The River 2 Pro excels in those situations, delivering a perfect blend of power and portability. Best of all, it sells for just $599, making it a fantastic bargain, too.

At that price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a competing product that offers the same level of build quality, performance, and features. That makes it easy to recommend to anyone who needs — or just wants — a power station. 

For more information on the River 2 Pro, visit the EcoFlow website


There may be larger and more capable power stations on the market, but the EcoFlow River 2 is the perfect model for the vast majority of people. It is compact and light enough to go just about anywhere, and it delivers good performance while remaining highly portable.

The device’s solid array of charging ports, fast-charging capabilities, and fantastic price point also help it stand out from the competition, making it a clear winner in the small power station segment.

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