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Nomad Neighborhoods: Van Life, Overland Group Buying Land in West

Buy NFT campervan art, and gain access to a nomad, adventure community — with Wi-Fi and amenities.

In the simplest terms, Kift is an alternative, outdoor-oriented real estate developer with several locations peppering the western U.S. Its founders have a unique and timely vision: to design communal living spaces that would bring van dwellers and digital nomads together. Members might sleep in their vans each night, but they work, explore, cook, and hang out in their co-created homes.

At the time of publication, the Kift network extended to Arcosanti, Ariz.; Joshua Tree, Calif.; Ukiah, Calif.; and Zion, Utah.

“We are a geographically distributed community with wildly ambitious goals,” the company stated. “Ambitious” in this case means spending some serious coin to obtain and develop an autonomous, regenerative city.

So, how does a still relatively small and young team of van lifers plan to evolve into an organization that can build an entire city from the ground up? By selling 10,000 memberships in the form of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which it calls “Kiftables.” Specifics about the drop were hard to come by, but Kift says the drop will take place during spring 2022.

Here’s what there is to know.

Kiftables NFT Explained

No two Kiftable tokens are the same. Each one will feature an original drawing of a campervan and comes with a serial number registered to the Ethereum blockchain.

And don’t let the techno-gobbledygook turn you off. Ethereum, for those who do not invest in cryptocurrency, is simply the universal currency behind buying and selling NFTs.

According to the project’s FAQ page, ownership provides automatic “founding” membership to Kift’s future regenerative city and holds several core benefits:

  • governance rights
  • property usage
  • early access to future events and NFT drops
  • IP ownership of the token
  • a co-created, nature-oriented, and inclusive community


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The founding members will be able to vote on which real estate opportunities the Kift community will pursue. The list of potential sites is in the hundreds and includes several large-scale options. All locations are tucked away in nature and adjacent to adventurous terrain.

In addition to voting privileges, members will be able to access various perks.

“With a van as your mobile bedroom, members get access to a growing network of community houses with plant-based staples, fast wifi, and an inclusive, adventurous community,” Kift explained.

Kift will announce the drop 24 hours ahead of time via Twitter and Discord. To learn more about the forthcoming NFT drop, including how to register, head to

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