Land Rover Builds a Phone Fit for the Outdoors

The vehicle brand has a new phone offering this spring. And like its famous trucks, Land Rover builds the phone to handle rugged terrain outside.

land rover explore phone
A rugged case and waterproof design are part of the made-for-outdoors equation

Its case comes with a carabiner attached. A large battery was designed to function for two days straight. Meet the Land Rover Explore phone.

Priced at £599.99 (about $800) and shipping now, the Explore is waterproof and touted to work in all weather, including down to 0 degrees F.

Though the phone requires cell service, it comes with apps made for outdoor exploration. This includes mapping apps ViewRanger and Explore Hub.

The screen has a customizable “outdoor dashboard” for access to weather condition information and sensor data from the device.

Topo map software comes standard on the Land Rover phone
Topo map software comes standard on the Land Rover phone

Rugged Land Rover Phone

Made by U.K.-based Bullitt Group Ltd, the phone launches running Android Nougat (v7.1.1), with a scheduled upgrade to Android Oreo. As such, the Land Rover works with standard Android and Google apps.

The case is durable. Land Rover notes it is made for the outdoors and “tested in all conditions … it will survive all the elements, no matter how extreme.”

Use the camera even with gloves. It shoots 16MP images to capture the adventure outdoors.

Finally, there’s an SOS flashlight and a made-for-night red filter mode to reduce screen glare.

land rover phone
‘Dashboard’ on home screen gives quick access to outdoors-oriented apps

Rugged Phone, Large Battery

As noted, the company says the phone offers two days of phone use. This comes from the Explore’s 4,000 mAh battery.

Land Rover claims “you can still get through the day even with GPS running and the screen constantly on.”

In addition, Land Rover includes an external battery pack for charging on multiday trips.

We have not yet tested the Explore phone. But it looks like a solid option for anyone who needs to stay in contact afield with a slightly more rugged cell phone.

–See more details on Land Rover’s site.

Stephen Regenold

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