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‘Halo’ Headlamp Gives 180º Lighting

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[leadin]A new kind of headlamp design, this band equipped with 20 LEDs wraps around your head (or waist) to illuminate an entire visual field.[/leadin]

Tron headlamp

Available as both the Halo headlamp or the Trek waist-mounted light (26- to 40-inch strap) the One80 – named for its semicircular design – casts a crisp, 360-lumen blue-white light.

Runners and climbers can appreciate the sleek, one-inch-wide light strip and mere 3.3-ounce weight burden.


A detachable, interchangeable battery runs for three hours and recharges via USB. For longer excursions, extra batteries weigh in at 1.5 ounces apiece.

Everything on the One80 can be removed – light strip, elastic band, and battery – allowing you to launder the straps and use the light strip and battery alone to illuminate a tent or shelter.

shoe tying head lamp

The unit is activated by a single button on the battery and, because it uses LED lighting, the lights will not dim as the battery discharges.

The unique wide beam could be useful for activities where peripheral vision is important as well as for working with your hands in low light.

The Halo headlamp will cost $75, while the waist-mounted Trek – which weighs the same – costs $85. Both are available with buy-in discounts on its Kickstarter page, with expected delivery in August.

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