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OtterBox Fixes the One Problem With PopSockets

The leading phone case-maker teamed up with the most ubiquitous phone holder. The OtterBox and PopSockets phone case, dubbed ‘Otter + Pop,’ is ingenious.

PopSockets’ 5-year-old creation is now so widespread among phone users it leaves us wondering how we held phones previously. And now, a collaboration with case manufacturer OtterBox makes the PopSocket that much closer to perfect.

OtterBox teamed up with PopSockets to create Otter + Pop, a cellphone case with a built-in PopTop in the rear. The brands released the phone case and holder at this year’s CES, with units available for purchase this spring.

And now your cellphone will lay flat in your pocket because the PopSocket is built in.

“A case with an integrated, swappable PopSockets grip, made by the strongest case brand in the world, which happens also to be a Colorado company? Sounds like a good idea to me,” said David Barnett, PopSockets founder and CEO.

otterbox popsockets otter pop

OtterBox and PopSockets Team Up for ‘Otter + Pop’

Before the collab, all PopSockets invariably jutted from the phone’s back, creating an uneven surface. It would catch on pockets and was just a little inconvenient.

Now, that’s a problem for the past.

OtterBox uses its Symmetry Series case for the Otter + Pop case. The Symmetry Series is a sleek case from OtterBox with drop protection, one-piece design, easy on and off, and scratch protection.

Each phone comes with a color-matched PopSocket, but the PopSockets are interchangeable. Prices start at $50, and swappable PopSockets start at $8.

The Otter + Pop will be available for the iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. Expect the cases this spring.

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