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Filson’s ‘Traveller Collection’ Channels Singer Chris Stapleton’s Alt-Country Aesthetic

This five-piece travel set from Filson isn't going to help you win eight Grammys like Chris Stapleton, but it won't hurt either.

singer Chris Stapleton sits on a couch with his filson luggageThis five-piece travel set from Filson isn't going to help you win eight Grammys like Chris Stapleton, but it won't hurt either; (photo/Filson)
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In an era of country music seemingly focused on parties and identity politics, Chris Stapleton’s alt-country vibe feels like a throwback to a simpler time. A little gritty, a little grimy, and a little weary, Stapleton’s iconic voice is more backroad outlaw than slick Nashville. So, it makes sense that Filson — a brand all about waxed canvas, leather straps, and wool — might want to collaborate with him.

The result of Filson and Stapleton’s partnership is called the “Traveller Collection,” a five-piece kit born for life on the road.

The heart of the collection is the Outfitter Bag, a twill number with two compartments designed to hearken back to bags from Fison’s long history. A medium-sized duffel and drawstring-cinched backpack also make an appearance. And a dopp kit and suit bag round out the set.

Filson Goes Outlaw Country

The five-piece Filson x Chris Stapleton Traveler Collection
Are you “just a traveler on this Earth”? Maybe you need the Filson x Chris Stapleton Traveller Collection; (photo/Filson)

As you’d expect from Filson, the Traveller Collection is replete with leather details and textured ripstop cotton. The color scheme is mostly black with yellow zipper highlights. It creates an understated look with just the right amount of splash.

“It’s been an incredible process developing the ‘Traveller Collection’ with Filson,” Stapleton said in a press release. “Inspired by my needs on the road and the desire to revive archived Filson pieces, we’ve created products that I genuinely use and love. Filson feels like part of my family, and their commitment to lasting craftsmanship aligns perfectly with my values. It’s been an honor to collaborate with such a legendary brand that creates products meant to outlive us all.”

When he says “part of my family,” the singer isn’t being poetic. Stapleton’s father was a big fan of the brand. Stapleton apparently decks himself out in Filson digs as he travels the country playing his music. It’s this legacy and familiarity that Stapleton brought to his work with Filson.

“Working closely with our design team, Stapleton’s insights and preferences influenced the Collection’s aesthetics and functionality. This collaborative approach ensures that each item in the ‘Traveller Collection’ bears the distinct mark of both Filson’s time-honored craftsmanship and Chris Stapleton’s creative input,” Filson chief creative officer Alex Carleton said in the press release.

Where to Get Your Filson Traveller Collection

singer Chris Stapleton with a duffel bag and suit bag

Want to get little taste of that outlaw country life? The Traveller Collection launches October 5 exclusively on Filson’s website. Here’s the price breakdown:

  • Outfitter Bag: $995
  • Stowaway Backpack: $195
  • Dopp Kit: $65
  • Medium Duffel Bag: $595
  • Suit Cover: $225

You might be thinking that $2,000 in luggage doesn’t really scream “outlaw.” But hey, even the toughest old hand likes to look good every now and then. But for best results, a cowboy hat and beard are definitely required.

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