This New Zealander Is on a Quest for Inclusive Adventure

After recovering from a cliff-jumping injury, a New Zealander finds new adventure. Check out his story now in this short film.

In 2010, Jezza Williams was working as a canyoneering guide in the Swiss Alps. Then he broke his neck. “I was doing something that if you made a mistake, it was a big mistake,” said Williams. “And I made a mistake. I slipped.”

Williams recovered, but he became a tetraplegic due to his injury. “Just living, I couldn’t do it without the help of others,” he said.” But that didn’t stop him from thrill-seeking. “I went paragliding with a buddy of mine on a tandem. I looked at how it worked and thought, ‘I can do this.'”

It took 4 years for Williams to get his license to fly. Now, he’s created a way to help other people with disabilities to have the same sense of freedom in the outdoors.

His nonprofit, Makingtrax, is all about giving back to others by advocating for inclusive tourism. “It’s important to understand that, through a little bit of adaptation, any outdoor company can become accessible to all,” said Williams.

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