Eagle Creek Quit Your Job

‘Quit Your Job’: Eagle Creek Will Send You on Outdoor Sabbatical

American workers forgo 700 million vacation days each year. Eagle Creek wants to change that with its national Quit Your Job campaign.

Quit Your Job is a 6-month search that includes eight audition stops from coast to coast, starting March 28 and running through August 3. Anyone can try for one of five total spots for an all-expenses-paid trip up to 3 weeks in length almost anywhere in the world.

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Even though 43 percent of millennial-age workers report they plan to quit within 2 years, you don’t even have to be part of this pack to try out for this free trip. Take a sabbatical (if your company will let you), extend a vacation, or just use up all those sick days at once.

The outdoor brand doesn’t care how you “quit your job.” Gearmaker Eagle Creek just wants more people to experience the positive impacts of travel — on stress levels, creativity, and, yes, even productivity at work — with its bags in tow.

For the logistics part, Eagle Creek partnered with G Adventures, an adventure travel outfitter that runs trips all over the world. So while winners must choose from somewhere the outfitter already goes, destinations span the globe from Asia to Antarctica.

How ‘Quit Your Job’ Auditions Work

To try out to be one of five dream-trip winners, get to one of these eight audition spots before the end of summer. Give the camera some love about why Eagle Creek should choose you and where you want to go on the complimentary adventure.

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Here’s how it works.

  1. First, just come down to the location nearest you. Eagle Creek Quit Your Job tour locations and dates are listed below.
  2. Then, prepare to answer this question on video: If you could quit your job tomorrow and travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
  3. Last, wait and win. If you do, Eagle Creek will organize the entire trip and supply the gear to get there (and to keep). A panel of experts will choose the winners.
  4. Go travel! Trips depart 6 to 8 weeks after winners are announced. The first winner will be announced by mid-April, with rolling winners through August.

Eagle Creek ‘Quit Your Job’ Tour

Eagle Creek Quit Your Job Tour map

The first auditions got underway last month at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver. But there are eight more stops still on the list.

Eagle Creek Quit Your Job Tour Dates

  • March 28: Brandswalk, Los Angeles, CA
  • April 13: Whole Earth, Austin, TX
  • May 2: Quest Outdoors, Louisville, KY
  • May 18: Paragon Sports, New York, NY
  • June 8: Uncle Dan’s, Chicago, IL
  • June 22: Jax Mercantile, Broomfield, CO
  • July 13: Portland Luggage, Portland, OR
  • August 3: The Sports Basement, San Francisco, CA

For more information on the campaign, plus travel ideas and resources for how to actually quit your job should you decide to do it, visit the Quit Your Job site.

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