Bike to Ski to … Lava? Trio Completes Human-Powered Volcano Tour

Stio’s ‘Rise and Grind’ film documents three athletes’ human-powered tour of seven Pacific Northwest volcanoes.

Sure, you’ve heard of bike to ski and volcano summits, but have you heard of tackling all three? A Stio athlete and two friends did just that: biked 650 miles, climbed seven volcano summits, and skied down.

The trio — Wyatt Roscoe, Andy Cochrane, and Charlie Hagen — planned their trip and route to be fully self-supported via bike and human-powered via bike, foot, and ski.

“I promised Wyatt and Charlie the best 3-week ski trip of their lives,” said Cochrane. “Despite some bushwhacking, whiteouts, frozen toes, long days, seemingly endless rain, and some nights spent on the side of the highway, I’m pretty sure I delivered.”

two guys on bikes with trailers pedaling on road lined with snow

The tour took the group from Northern California up through Oregon and included interesting logistics — like hauling 200 pounds of dehydrated meals stuffed into bike trailers. Still, it sounds like a whole lot of fun.

In total, the team logged 650 miles and over 100,000 feet of vert in 17 days, plus seven Cascade summits. “We wanted to create an epic adventure without the use of fossil fuels, hopefully inspiring other people to find their own adventures closer to home,” said Cochrane.

Rise and Grind was produced by Stio

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