100 Peaks, No Gas: Skier Greg Hill Takes a Fuel-Free Adventure

Follow Greg Hill in ‘Electric Greg’ as he attempts to summit 100 peaks using only human power and electricity for transportation.

Professional skier Greg Hill is no ordinary guy. In 2010, he climbed and skied 2 million vertical feet, earning him the name “2 Mill” Hill. This year, he’s swearing off airplanes, snowmobiles, and other forms of fossil fuel to reach a bigger goal.

Very quickly in the film, you realize that climbing and skiing 100 peaks in a season is a crazy (maybe even unachievable) goal. Hill and some friends embark on a single 4,000km trip in a tiny electric car with a 150km range.

Tackling all those peaks is hard. But getting to all the trailheads on solely human and electric power is even harder.

“The biggest reward is definitely just feeling good about what I’m doing,” Hill said.  “It’s just fun.” And Hill’s proving it’s not always about the number of peaks or vertical feet — but the overall adventure.

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