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Travel Tips From the Pros: ‘Lost in the Wild’ Host Kinga Phillips

Kinga PhillipsHost Kinga on a boat on the Rio Negro Brazil as seen on Travel Channel's 'Lost in the Wild'
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Travel practice makes perfect. Learn from expert travelers with simple tricks, hacks, and recommendations to make every journey better.

Kinga Phillips, the host of the Travel Channel show “Lost in the Wild has tested her limits around the world — diving, spearfishing, surfing, skydiving, spelunking, and swimming with sharks. She’s traveled around the world, also hosting “The Trip,” “Travel Hacks,” and “The Real.”

Phillips shared three simple tips to make every adventure a little better.

Kinga Phillips: 3 Simple Travel Tips

1. Carry single-use packets of coconut oil.

LostInTheWild29_El Pianista Trail, PanamaI carry these in my necessities bag because they are indispensable and multifunctional.

I have used the coconut oil as a moisturizer for face, hands, body, and feet (antimicrobial too, so not a bad thing when it comes to feet that have been in the same socks for 3 days). And it proves especially useful in very dry and cold environments.

Plus, I use it to remove makeup if I’m camping and it’s too cold to use water.

It also works great for cooking on a camping stove, or to remove gunk like tar or gum or tape residue from me or my gear (coconut oil removes things like that best). And it adds a little calorie boost to my coffee when we’re hiking long distances.

2. Make photocopies of important documents.

I have made photocopies of everything in my wallet, front and back (passport, DL, credit cards, insurance cards, etc). I then keep these documents in a completely separate place or exchange with a travel companion. If your wallet, or any single item, goes missing, you then have all the phone numbers handy to call and cancel cards, order new ones, etc.

You don’t have to try to remember what was in your wallet or how to reach someone to help you. This tip also proves especially helpful because, in some countries, having your actual passport can be used against you when corrupt officials try to use it to extort money (this has happened to me multiple times). But when all you have is the copy on you, “Hey buddy, you can keep that.”

3. Always bring a trash bag.

A simple large, heavy-duty trash bag is a must. I put it over the top of all my things before I close my luggage. Why? Because on multiple occasions, I retrieved my luggage only to find it had been sitting out somewhere in the rain, and everything inside was completely soaked.

I’m also often covered in mud and grime, so I put dirty shoes and such on top with the bag between dirty things and my clean clothing. And it works to store wet coats, wetsuits, and the like, so they don’t contaminate all your gear.

I’ve used it for a laundry bag, and then when I get home, as a trash bag so it completes its destiny.

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