‘A Letter to All’ Brings Moving Words to Film

The 5Point Film Festival is a yearly outdoors gathering in Carbondale, Colo. This year, its trailer sets powerful words over striking imagery.

In 2007, Julie Kennedy founded the 5Point Film Festival. In 2012, her husband, Michael Kennedy, one of America’s most legendary alpinists, wrote “Letter to My Son” for The Alpinist Magazine. The letter¬†powerfully expressed an understanding of the risks and rewards of alpinism, and quickly became a must-read on any climber’s list.

Their son, Hayden Kennedy, took his life this year after an avalanche killed his girlfriend, Inge Perkins.

“After losing their son this year, it seemed like an appropriate homage to revisit and repurpose these words for the larger community,” the video’s caption notes.

“The letter reminds us to live our own individual adventures, passions, lives, and to always try our best to reach for the highest ideals and embody the five points: purpose, respect, commitment, humility, balance.”