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Telescoping Camper, Space Net, Holiday Gift Guides: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories, week of November 21 – 28, 2015.

week in review

1) Camper ‘Telescopes’ Sideways For Three Times The Space

A wild concept, these tow-behind campers expand to three times their original width to create a spacious living area inside.

2) Great Outdoors Gear Deals This Black Friday

Even if you #optout for Black Friday to enjoy time in the outdoors, it’s easy to snag deals on gear online. Behold the best Black Friday deals of 2015.

3) Gifts For Dad: Camp Stoves to ‘Pouch Beer’

We’ve got gift ideas for the outdoorsy guy with a newborn, teenager, adult child, or even one on the way.

4) Overkill! Check out this 90,000 Lumen Flashlight

This homemade ‘flashlight’ makes your car headlights look puny. Is this the world’s brightest flashlight?

5) Alex Honnold Tells His Story In ‘Alone On The Wall’

Famed soloist Alex ‘No Big Deal’ Honnold shines through, writing in no more grandiose tones than if he were putting together a cookbook.

Alone On The Wall book review

6) ‘Sketchy’ Andy’s Space Net Video Will Make Your Palms Sweat

This incredible structure is built from 21,000 feet of cord suspended 400 feet above the Utah desert. What a place for an afternoon stroll.

7) Riding ‘Mongol Derby,’ The Longest Horse Race On The Planet

Ride semi-wild horses 1,000 km through the wilds of Mongolia in a race that will test even the strongest of athletes. Our correspondent was there as support for the toughest horse race on earth.

8) $5,000 Reward For Stolen Custom Tandem Bike

Keep your eyes open for this tandem — its return could net you $5,000 and reunite the owner with an item of significant sentimental value.

9) Wild Fixed-Blade: Spyderco ‘Schempp Rock’ Knife Review

The Spyderco Schempp Rock is a wild looking survival knife that works exceptionally well in the field.

spyderco schemp rock 2

10) GearJunkie Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to gift some gear this year for the adventurers in your life? Look no further, our mega holiday gear guide has it all.

11) Could New Rocket Carry Space Tourists Safely?

Jeff Bezos’ ‘New Shepard’ space vehicle successfully flew to space before landing safely back at its launch site in West Texas.

12) Deep Freeze: Coolers & Dry Ice

Dry ice gives far more freezing power per pound than regular ice. Here we offer tips to using dry ice while camping, fishing, and in the outdoors.


13) Let Them Choose: Best Gift Cards For Outdoorsy People

From the obscure to the obvious, these gift cards will give your outdoors lover exactly what they want for Christmas, a birthday or any special occasion.

14) States ‘Opting Out’ Of Black Friday With Free Park Days

A few states will open up parks for free on Friday to encourage outdoor recreation on the day after Thanksgiving.

15) Camera Kit: Dakine ‘Reload’ Backpack Review

Battle-hardened shooters looking to carry a ‘run and gun’ camera setup into the wilds should consider the Reload from Dakine.

16) Thrashing! Puerto Escondido Wipeout, Heavy As It Gets

Ouch! Watch Tom Lowe take a beating on a big day at Puerto Escondido.


17) Watch: Loop Video Of Insane Alaska ‘Crack’ Ski Descent

We wrote about Cody Townsend’s incredible ski line last year, the narrow and steep “Crack” chute. Now you can watch it over and over again with via this video loop.

18) ‘Trivia Lift’ Is Like ‘Cash Cab’ On The Ski Hill

Answer trivia questions posed by game show host as you ride the chairlift. But don’t get three wrong, or else!

19) Campmor ‘Gear Experts’ Pick Best Gifts

Campmor is a stalwart outdoor-equipment retailer established in 1978 that offers thousands of products online. We asked the company’s product experts for 15 top gear picks for the 2015 season.

20) The Ice Beard Cometh!

Genghis Khan, Erik The Red, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Santa Claus… What do they have in common (besides an uncompromising will to conquer the farthest reaches of Earth)? Ice beards!

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