Get Inspired: A Veteran Tests Hunting Limits in the Alaskan Alpine

An Iraq veteran pushes his own personal boundaries and shares his journey with us in this short film by SOG Specialty Knives & Tools.

Omar “Crispy” Avila is a beloved figure in the world of inspirational humans. His life and service in the U.S. Army is a story worth reading in its entirety, and I don’t want to do it any sense of injustice. He pushed through wartime injuries to become a Paralympic powerlifter, an avid bowhunter, and a motivational speaker.

For this hunt, Crispy partnered with the team at SOG and Alaska Coastal Outfitters. Once together, they headed to Alaska’s Tongass National Forest in pursuit of black-tailed deer.

It’s my favorite hunting film I’ve seen thus far in 2019. The story speaks for itself. Prepare to be moved and motivated.

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Nicole Qualtieri

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