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Spring Marathon Trainer: Women’s Altra Escalante Shoe Half Off

Altra natural footwear fans (and soon-to-be-converts) can pick up a pair of Escalante road runners for over half off. And just in time for spring marathon training.

If you don’t know Altra, the brand has amassed an audience of runners (many GearJunkies included) who are addicted to the feeling of a wide toe box shaped for the human foot. The Escalante road shoes are also zero-drop platform (no prominently raised heel), making them a nice option for putting extra miles on pavement before the snow fully melts.

Women’s Altra Escalante Running Shoe: $60 (54%)

Women's Altra Escalante running shoe

The shoe promotes a more natural running form, which can take a little getting used to. So plan ahead if you’re new to an Altra shoe. But you might find that once you go wide and low, it’s hard to go back.

Not surprisingly, the men’s version sold out fast at this deep discount. But there are several sizes left in the knit-style women’s Altra Escalante for $60. That’s over half off retail. Sorry, color-lovers: This shoe score is black and white only.

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