$650 Oakley Goggles Have GPS, Integrated Display

The Airwave 1.5, released today at Oakley Stores and online, integrate a slew of digital features viewable on an in-goggle display.

Oakley touts the display is not distracting when skiing or riding. You glance down when you need info off the screen, which appears like it’s a “14-inch screen 5 feet from the eyes,” Oakley cites.

Oakley Airwave 1.5 heads-up display

While similar goggles exist, these add Bluetooth and MiFi (an Apple connectivity protocol) to link with other devices plus the ability to work with more apps.

Wearers will be able to view incoming calls, text messages, and music playlists from Bluetooth devices and link up with POV cameras, heart rate monitors, phones and more.

An integrated GPS allows lets you measure and see speed and jump analytics including height and airtime and vertical distance traveled.

A user can also find their location on resort maps and track friends with similar goggles (or a compatible phone) with the Airwave App. More than 600 resort maps are pre-loaded onto the goggle’s heads-up display.

Oakley Airwave 1.5

The goggles are sold with a single pair of lenses, but six interchangeable lenses can be purchased for varying light conditions.

All together, these are high-tech, high-priced goggles. What we can’t wait to find out is, are they worth it?

—Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy

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