Blur ‘Is Like Improv Jazz’: Spontaneous Snowboarding Composed on the Spot

Quiksilver’s 2022 ski movie ‘Blur’ takes you to mouthwatering fields of powder, where the brand’s best boarders rip up the season’s finest lines.

Sometimes, people get to ride powder days the rest of us only see in dreams. Perfect pillows of soft fresh, snow, uncut lines everywhere you look, bluebird skies, and face shot after face shot.

Case in point: “Blur,” presented by Quiksilver. This 10-minute edit by Austen Sweetin and Sean Lucey opens with some nostalgic, VCR-quality shots from seasons past, before blasting you with high-def footage from the 2021/22 ski season.

Then, the magic happens. Boarders charge through pristine fields of powder pillows, smash through them, launching, twisting, flipping, and grabbing all the way down.

Featuring Quiksilver athletes Phil Hansen, Jamie Lynn, Chris Rasman, Blake Paul, Jared Elston, Mason Lemery, Matt Belzile, Jody Wachniak and, of course, Austen Sweetin, some of the shots in “Blur” are hard to watch.

Not because they show anything bad, but because it’s hard not to turn green with envy watching the athletes rip up such perfect powder days.

“This film, to me, is like improv jazz,” said creator Austen Sweetin. “It’s spontaneous snowboarding that was composed on the spot.”

Check out more films like “Blur” from Quiksilver on its website. 

Runtime: 10:19

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