Urban Snowboarding: The McMorris Brothers Shred Abroad

Ever seen a snowboarder climb a rooftop so he can ride off the edge? Well, you can in this video series.

“Brothers McMorris” is a miniseries following two brothers, Mark and Craig McMorris, as they travel in search of snow. But they aren’t just snow-loving bros — they’re both professional riders. And Mark became the first person to land a backside triple cork 1440 in 2012.

Each episode features the snowboarders in a different location: Finland, Alaska, and Colorado. The series is a combination of urban and street snowboarding, big-mountain snowboarding, and just pure fun.

But it’s not all just landing tricks off huge down rails, street signs, and trash cans. The brothers find their fair share of pow as well. And it’s a chance for these professional bros to learn from some of the best athletes abroad.

Are there professional athletes out there as extreme as these brothers? Watch to find out.

The third and final episode of the series released today. Watch the final episode here or the full series here on RedBull TV.

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