crescent moon eva snowshoes

(Re)Breaking the Mold: Crescent Moon Updates Foam Snowshoes

In 2017, Crescent Moon introduced a snowshoe unlike any other. For 2018, the brand hopes to build on its design.

crescent moon eva snowshoes

One of the surprise standouts of Outdoor Retailer last year was an oddly-shaped pair of snowshoes. Often, radical redesigns on established product categories mark an upstart brand trying to fix something that isn’t really broken.

But in the case of Crescent Moon, its 2017 EVA snowshoes offered a fresh take on an increasingly fringe product. In place of articulated bindings that cake with snow and clunky metal frames that labor the legs, EVAs provided lightweight, ergonomic, and (above all) simple designs. So much so, in fact, GearJunkie gave the snowshoes “Best in Show” honors – and made them the focus of a video review.

Crescent Moon EVA: 2018 Update

Version 2 of Crescent Moon’s EVA snowshoe adds aluminum spikes along the traction plate

On the heels of that success, Crescent Moon will unveil “Version 2” at Outdoor Retailer next week.

This year, the brand adds aluminum cleats to the traction plate. Formerly, plastic (TPU) “tri-star cluster” provided traction. While it worked for basic maneuverability in our tests, Crescent Moon told us the aluminum spikes “will provide a more versatile snowshoe, and give snowshoers access to more technical terrain.”

We look forward to trying out this new(er) take on an old favorite at next week’s Outdoor Retailer. Stay tuned!

Adam Ruggiero

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