‘Fortress Ghosts’: 2 Skiers Explore Ghost Town Ski Mountain in Canada

Usually, you don’t want a fun place like a ski resort to have an eerie, haunting vibe. Alas, some do.

When Fortress Mountain outside a provincial park in Alberta, Canada closed in 2004, the once vibrant ski resort quickly became a remnant of the past. This season, two Black Crows skiers returned to explore what’s left.

“Two decades later, the far side chair, frontside chair, and day lodge remain standing. While the guests have disappeared, ghosts remain,” Black Crows wrote.

Despite the creepy and chilling aesthetic, this film will still probably make you want to ski — to new places, to solve a mystery, to find answers.

Skiers: Mark Abma and Callum Pettit

Runtime: 10 minutes

(And don’t miss part one of the ghost ski resort series, released in 2020.)

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