Leather Work Gloves for Skiing

Ski patrollers and on-mountain resort workers are out there every day, all day long, and many are not rocking the latest in outdoor-industry handwear. Indeed, old-fashioned leather work gloves procured at hardware stores have become a popular option at many resorts. What’s the deal? Well, these gloves are durable and often warm enough. And they’re cheap — patrollers, lift operators, and snow makers do not choose their line of work for the cash part of it!

FlyLow Tough Guy Glove

The trickle down of this trend is evident in a new glove from FlyLow. The Tough Guy Glove offers a work glove look and form but with a couple design tweaks to make them more usable on the snow. Cost, at $28, is in line with the mountain workers’ PBR budget.

Design upgrades, according to the company, include “fingers that fit right,” consistent stitching, and a soft leather treated with bees wax to make them water resistant. Looks like some quality on a budget. Purchase these gloves and you’ll have some cash left over to buy a liftie or patroller a beer when the chairs stop turning.

—Stephen Krcmar lives and rides at Mammoth Mountain, Calif.