Ski Helmet Is Walkie-Talkie For Your Head

Skiers often use radios in the backcountry to communicate. Inbounds, texts and phone calls connect resort riders to one another. But what if you could use your helmet instead?

LinkPro Explore1 Music and Communication

The Link Pro Explore1 helmet does just that. With a built-in radio communicator that works like a walkie-talkie, plus Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone to answer calls or play music, this is one of the more technologically advanced helmets we’ve seen to date.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the Explore 1 helmet has a 1.5-mile range for helmet-to-helmet communication, less than most handheld radios, but sufficient for most ski scenarios. You don’t need cell phone service for this feature, which works with an unlimited number of helmets.

Linkpro Explore1 Blue

If you do have service, you can answer phone calls through the helmet’s Bluetooth connection to your phone, saving the awkward chairlift dig-in-pocket routine resort riders all know and hate.

Of course, with a built-in speaker and Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music from your device into your helmet, a nice bonus for those who like to shred to a soundtrack.

Beyond the technology, the Link Pro will be certified to “global standards,” according to the brand. Sounds like testing hasn’t yet been completed, no surprise that the helmet was still in prototype phase at the SIA Snow Show in January.

Linkpro Explore1

It will include MIPS (a technology that helps limit trauma from oblique force blows) and Recco (which helps pro rescue teams locate victims in avalanches). It also has a one-handed closing chin strap.

The helmet is a new option for those who want to communicate fluidly while skiing and riding. It will come with a hefty expected retail about $400, but you can get an early-bird price of $284, and learn more about this unique helmet, on Kickstarter now.

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