Watch ‘The Ultimate Run,’ the Best Ski Vid Yet of 2021

Freeskier Markus Eder shreds seamlessly between sheer faces, titanic glacial blocks, and powdery front country, plus the snow-covered terrain of a mining museum in ‘The Ultimate Run.’

The 10-minute video — produced by Red Bull and shot by production company Legs of Steel — took 90 days of filming and demonstrates the heights to which Eder takes the disparate disciplines of backcountry, park, and street skiing.

Filmed in Zermatt and the Klausberg region, the terrain is Eder’s home turf, and he showcases his familiarity by absolutely crushing every obstacle in his path, from ice caves to castles.

The Ultimate Run: Markus Edar skis between huge chunks of glacial ice
(Photo/ Bull)

When you watch a world-class athlete like Eder (he’s an Olympian) move so gracefully across such varied terrain, it can be easy to forget that this sport takes years of practice and discipline, not to mention a certain amount of courage and mental toughness.

One of the moves (we’ll let you guess which one) took over 200 attempts to get just right.

Here’s the crazy part — Eder doesn’t have a coach. He’s the true epitome of natural talent, honed, of course, by years of practice, observation, and friendly competition.

a man does a flip on skis into the back of a truck
(Photo/ Bull)

If 10 minutes of beastly skiing in ‘The Ultimate Run’ wasn’t enough for you, be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video for an even better look into Eder’s unique mindset.

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