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Deep Powder, deep deals. MtnAdvisor is new type of media site

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GrindMedia is the publisher of titles like Snowboarder, Powder, Newschoolers.com, and Bike magazine. . . and now, a new site, MtnAdvisor.com. Called a “mountain resort resource,” the site launches as essentially a search engine to find ski resort info. But as a bonus, there’s content fed in from the GrindMedia properties, including Powder.

In fact, the former editor of Powder magazine, Derek Taylor, runs the venture. GrindMedia believes Taylor’s editorial touch — plus aggregated athlete interviews, photos, travel features, and gear reviews — can make MtnAdvisor more interesting than the common search portal.

We caught up with Taylor for a couple questions on the new site, which went live this month.

—Stephen Regenold

GearJunkie: Congrats on the site launch! So, MtnAdvisor blends content with what is essentially a search engine or portal?

Taylor: I like to think of it as a bridge. The different core groups — skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers — all have specific interests, but they have common ground in the mountains and the information they find useful when planning a trip. By running content from our sister sites like Powder and Snowboarder we believe MtnAdvisor can offer good info for a general viewer needing basic travel-oriented pieces but without alienating the core.

How is the site different from other resort search engine sites?

Again, MtnAdvisor.com is unique because of its content. It aggregates content from sources such as Powder, Snowboarder, Newschoolers, Grindtv, Paved, Bike, Canoe and Kayak, and SUP. Those titles speak to their core audiences better than any other media outlets. Feeding their content frees up MtnAdvisor to focus on more general information, like where to stay, where to take your kids, how to save money on a trip, and so on. We are also different because we will be a year-round resource and offer info beyond skiing on summer activities soon.

Site serves up weather, hotel rates, and ticket prices alongside interviews, photo features, and gear reviews

What is the range geographically?

It launches for North America, but our goal is to provide information and content for every mountain resort on Earth.

What are some long- and short-term goals?

Short term is to have an engaging and useful platform for viewers looking for mountain resort info. Long term goal is to give core users insightful, unique content as well as providing utilitarian information for the traveler who may be looking for a new experience in the mountains.

It will be a year-round site, correct? Not only snowsports.

Right. Starting this spring, the site will also address the summer season. Summer business is becoming more important to mountain resorts as destinations transition from being snow-centric to year-round resorts.

But what do you talk about when the snow melts?

Our goal is to provide trail and river reports the way we currently provide snow reports in the winter. The old saying in many mountain towns is: “I came here for the winter, but I stayed for the summers.”

—GrindMedia’s MtnAdvisor.com launched this month. Interviewee Derek Taylor was the editor of Powder magazine, where he worked on staff for 10 years.

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