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‘Don’t Hit the Wall’: Boarder vs. Skier in a Bonkers Couloir Showdown

When the slightest errant twitch can turn you into expensively attired goo smeared against the couloir wall, the 'ski vs. snowboard' debate seems a little pedestrian. And yet ...

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There’s a lot of screaming in this video. And that makes sense. You’d be screaming too if you were barreling down a couloir at 60 mph. In that situation, it seems to me it doesn’t matter what you have strapped to your feet as long as you come out alive and ready for round two.

And yet Nikolai Schirmer (skier) and Krister Kopala (boarder) manage to revive snowsports’ most IPA-fueled rivalry — even as they aim not to smear themselves up and down the wall of a high, snow-choked couloir somewhere in France.

It’s just another day in the life of Schirmer and Kopala. The duo has been dropping this sort of thing on the reg for a while now in their TOPSIDE video series.

Even their editor was at a loss for words this time, responding in the YouTube comments with a side-eye emoji. Give it a watch for yourself and see if you can do any better!

Runtime: 15 minutes

Kings and Queens of Corbet's couloir; (photo/Red Bull)

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