‘North of Now’: Watch Sammy Carlson’s Heart-Pounding Ski Acrobatics

Sammy Carlson turns the mountain into a canvas for artistic expression in his latest film, ‘North of Now.’

In the film, Carlson showcases his explosive and acrobatic style in the mountains of British Columbia. For the winter of 2020-2021, he hunkered down “and explored the nooks, crannies, pillow lines, and sheer, open faces of the Pacific Northwest, weaving through the trees and floating through the fresh and deep.”

“Being in the mountains, that’s when I feel the most inspired,” said Carlson. “I just want to stay true to what inspires me and what gives me joy in life.”

Thankfully, we can experience a bit of this joy second-hand through this short by Quicksilver, filmed by Brody Jones and Danny Leblanc.

Runtime: 10 minutes

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Sean McCoy

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