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YETI Takes On Water Coolers, Launches Backpack

Fly fishers, kayakers, construction workers … and soccer coaches? The YETI Panga Backpack and Silo water cooler double down on core users while seemingly adding new markets.

YETI Silo Panga

Today, YETI Coolers, based in Austin, Texas, launched two new products to build on its lines of burly products that keep things cold and dry. The Silo 6G marks the brand’s first water cooler. And the Panga Backpack 28 extends the Panga duffel lineage with a smaller, more ergonomic dry-goods hauler.

As with many YETI products, the Panga explicitly markets itself for those looking “to fly fish, canoe, and kayak in far flung corners of the wild.” And while the Silo 6G looks like a solid fit for car camping and construction sites, it might also have a home at Little League practices.

Yeti Silo 6G Water Cooler

YETI Silo 6G Water Cooler

As the name suggests, the “6G” holds 6 gallons of liquid. Or, if maximum cold is required, it can hold up to 24 pounds of ice, almost as much as a Tundra 35 cooler. And like the Tundra line, the Silo sports the same rotomolded construction, T-handle closures, and 2-inch-thick insulation.

YETI Silo 6G Water Cooler

The Silo has a square profile, standing 18 inches high and measuring 15.5 inches on all four sides. Like all YETI wares, the brand boasts overbuilt construction. The SuperPour Spigot has “a fast flow rate, letting you fill up even the largest jugs without forming a line behind you,” according to YETI.

Above the spigot sits a steel handle, designed to both protect the spigot from drops and provide users a place to rest a hand.

YETI Silo 6G Water Cooler

At 6 gallons, the Silo should appeal mostly to vehicle-based adventures for large groups. And as you might expect, the Silo has a higher-than-average price – $300.

Panga Backpack 28

YETI Panga Backpack 28

YETI also releases a 28-liter waterproof backpack. The Panga Backpack 28 sports one main compartment with a zippered internal mesh stash pocket.

YETI Panga Backpack 28

It shares the Panga name and construction and is equipped with YETI’s waterproof “HydroLok” zipper and TPU-laminated waterproof shell body. Unlike the Panga of old, however, it’s styled like a traditional backpack, not a cylindrical duffel.

In addition to its shoulder straps, the Panga Backpack offers a top handle and dual side handles for single-hand carry. Rounding out the build are two daisy chain lash points along the face of the pack and a removable sternum strap and hip belt.

YETI Panga Backpack 28

And while its capacity is 22 liters less than the smallest Panga (50-liter), it retails for the same – $300.

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