Tragic Pasts, Forbidden Peaks Explored In ‘Miguel’s Paramo’ Film

GearJunkie’s Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Regenold, traveled to Colombia earlier this year to bike, climb, explore, and investigate the unique nexus where the country’s recent and calamitous past and the current influx of adventure travel activities meet up.

Guide Miguel Angel Garcia pointing toward land formerly off limits in Iguaque National Park
Miguel Angel Garcia looks toward a summit in Iguaque National Park

Regenold wrote about the experience in the essay, “Guerrillas In The Mist: Adventure In Colombia,” including a narrative focusing on his time with Colombian guide Miguel Angel Garcia.

Miguel on the summit, overlooking the lagoon and lands formerly off-limits to climbers
Miguel on a summit formerly off-limits to climbers

This video, produced by Bogota-based production house WhereNext, focuses on Garcia’s story, which is a powerful mix of tragedy and reverence, all of which took place in the misty mountains that ring the high-altitude South American city.

The film, “Miguel’s Paramo 2015, Director’s Cut,” debuted at the Adventure Travel World Summit last month to live audiences. This is its online debut.

–Read about Miguel’s story at “Guerrillas In The Mist: Adventure In Colombia,”