Roofnest Rooftop Tent

Roof Top Tent Sale: Save $200 on Any Roofnest

When an uninvited guest went stomping through our editor’s campsite — and the back of his truck — he sure was happy to be in a Roofnest. And now you can save hundreds of dollars on these excellent tents.

Our editor tested the Roofnest Sandpiper last summer and came away really pleased with the experience. It’s substantially more comfortable, quiet, and easy to set up than most of the ground tents I’ve used. For those reasons alone, he enjoyed it.

But on his last night camping, when he awoke to a jarring commotion of a bear in the bed of his truck, he really started to appreciate the benefits rooftop tents offer.

You can read the full (harrowing) review here. If you decide the extra investment is worth the “elevated” camp experience of rooftop camping, then you will want to look into Roofnest’s Fourth of July sale.

Everything in the Boulder, Colorado, tentmaker’s inventory is $200 off. Plus, there’s no charge for shipping anywhere in the lower 48.

Here’s a quick rundown of the deals this holiday weekend.

Roofnest Fourth of July Sale

Roofnest stakes its name on lightweight tents that are easy to operate and install. All of its tents weigh under 150 pounds and use a strut-powered, pop-up design, so you can park and pitch the tent within seconds.

Condor: $2,995

Roofnest Condor Rooftop Tent

The Condor is the smallest rooftop tent of the Roofnest line, but it still has room to accommodate two adults and one child. It can also accommodate a solar panel, which makes it a great option for boondocking trips, and it’s compatible with smaller cars.

Explore the Condor

Falcon: $3,295

Roof Nest Falcon

The clamshell-opening Falcon represents Roofnest’s sleekest rooftop tent option. A mere 6.5 inches tall when closed, the Falcon comes in regular (48-inch) and extra-wide (58-inch) options.

It also offers optional crossbars for lashing gear and two accessory channels on each side to mount light bars, fairings, awnings, and more. This model is also a favorite of GearJunkie staff.

Explore the Falcon

Sparrow: $2,895

Roof Nest Sparrow rooftop tent

The most popular model in the Roofnest stable (GearJunkie staff can attest), the Sparrow isn’t too big or too small — it’s right in the middle. That makes it suitable for small and midsize vehicles, but it still sleeps two adults.

Explore the Sparrow

Sparrow EYE: $2,895

Roof Nest Sparrow Eye rooftop tent

Whereas the Roofnest Sparrow is the most popular, the Sparrow EYE is its easiest-to-use offering. For those who don’t need the bells, whistles, or extra space, the Sparrow EYE presents the simplest alternative among its cohorts. Pop up one side, step up the ladder, and get some shuteye.

Explore the Sparrow EYE

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