SPOT Adventures Treasure Hunt

Gear Junkie readers, it’s time to go on a Treasure Hunt! As a part of our SPOT the Holiday’ promotion this week, we’re running an online treasure hunt (details below) and giving away a sweet package of swag, including a SPOT Messenger Device and Suunto’s M4 uber-watch!

The Rules. . .

1) Go to and start searching for the particular adventure post that is shown (deliberately obscured) in this blog post here below.

2) Search the SPOT Adventures site for this image and this SPOT topo map.

3) The first reader to email/Twitter/Facebook us here at Gear Junkie with the name of this SPOT Adventure post and the location of this map wins the SPOT device and the Suunto watch. Simple!

Each day this week we’ll post a new (less obscured) version of the photo and map below. It’ll get easier with each new day, and soon the SPOT Adventure destination will be obvious. Check back often to make sure you don’t miss an update, and also monitor GearJunkie’s Facebook and Twitter pages for clues and updates. Good luck!

Find this image and map together on

Clue No. 2

Clue No. 3

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