‘Why We Go’: Hydro Flask Looks Through the Lens of an Astrophotographer

The latest installment in Hydro Flask’s adventure series follows shutterbug Joram Young on his quest for dark skies and bright cosmos.

As far as lonely vocations go, astrophotography is up there. A night photographer’s schedule not only goes against the modern grain, it often requires the practitioner to venture deep into the wilderness, away from light pollution.

So, why choose it over any other form of outdoor photography? “If there’s something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable, then it might be a good idea to lean into it,” Young explains in this clip. He then adds, “Being outdoors and under the sky helps strip away any sort of excess self-importance … we are small, and the universe is huge.”

Cozy on up and take a look at this glimmer of an edit.

Runtime: 2 minutes

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