The Bold North Zip Line rendering
The Bold North Zip Line rendering

You Can Zip Line Over the Mississippi During the Super Bowl

The zip line will span more than 800 feet and will likely be one of the coldest to date.

The Bold North Zip Line rendering
The Bold North Zip Line rendering

Take part in the magic of the Super Bowl like never before. High speed, a cold breeze, and pumping adrenaline are now accessible to all attendees of America’s biggest football event – in zip line form.

Announced today, backpack company XOOX will set up a zip line to run the width of the Mississippi. It will span more than 800 feet across and hundreds of feet high.

A zip line at sunset; photo CC by Flicker user My Photo Journeys

The Bold North Zip Line operates from January 26 to February 4 and costs $30. It will be situated just south of the Grain Belt Bridge in downtown Minneapolis.

The zip line is the latest attraction added to the fanfare that is this season’s Super Bowl. Attendees and residents alike can partake in concerts throughout the city, a wine and food event, Taste of the NFL, and exclusive light rail access to ticket holders.

Super Bowl Zip Line

Zip lines at Super Bowls are not entirely unusual. In 2012, Indianapolis hosted Super Bowl XLVI (46) with its own zip line.

At this year’s event, the zip line will operate for six to 10 hours. There are physical requirements for zip line users, and those interested can see the full list here.

The zip line undoubtedly will be cold. As is the case with high-speed winter activities, and as Minnesotans know well, bundle up!

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